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I started my own publication yesterday. On a whim. Just like that. Snap. Ping. Poof.

It was actually pretty fun. I’ve read all the articles about why you should start your own publication. And why you shouldn’t. But why you should. Shouldn’t. Should.

If that last paragraph made sense to…

Humor/Writing Advice

Jot down ideas as soon as they pop up. Or wave them good-bye forever.

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

They say all great ideas are jotted down on cocktail napkins. Or on crumpled-up pieces of scrap paper plucked out of the trash.

J.K Rowling apparently wrote an idea on an airplane barf bag. Was it empty? That’s not the point.

One idea. Just that one idea. If not recorded…

Chrissy Teigen and Meghan Markle’s miscarriages are allowing women to open up about their losses. Here is my story.

Image By veronellefoto on Shutterstock

It was just a choice. It was my right. It was legal and safe. Women do it every day. Easy peasy.

Yet, it landed me in the darkest, most unexpected, despair I’ve ever known.

I had never really thought about whether I considered myself pro-life or pro-choice. I didn’t judge…


But hey. . . you never know unless you try.

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A Job Interview

Prospective Employer: Hi Emme. Thank you for coming. (Extends hand).

Me: (steps back, skeptical) Wait, is this a greeting or a hook-up?*

Prospective Employer: Well, uh (takes hand away) umm, it was a greeting. (checks iPhone for no reason) Anyway, please take a seat (gestures toward chair). …

When I bumped into my ex-fiancé at a supermarket.

Disclaimer: Not actually how I dress to go to the supermarket. Image by AS Inc. on Shutterstock

I was grateful for the mask today when I bumped into you.

“It’s been a while, Beckett. How have you been?” you asked.

Knowing instantly, intimately, who the voice belonged to, I twisted my head in your direction.

Those eyes.

Those eyes told me you were smiling. So was I.

Emme Beckett

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