Barry Davret — When I started writing on Medium in January, I bought a bulletin board where I organize all my ideas/drafts/submissions and accepted pieces.

I have a rogue index card with your name on it that has been there for months and I can’t remember why I wrote your name down. Just yours. No one else's.

That is the end of that story. I just found it funny. I guess I’ll take the card down.

I am also raising two boys. I mention them in my writing a lot about wanting them to be raised right, especially when it comes to their power over women.

And, it’s funny, my husband is all about a firm handshake. That’s probably what made me click on your story. Plus, I saw your name, which I’ve been looking at since January. ;)

Great article. Thank you for sharing.

I’m Emme, like the letter. Find me at or email at

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