Diesel Guy- Thank you for sharing your story. I actually wrote this story a few years ago. I was in a weird place mentally, with motherhood and domestic life not being the blissful fantasy I had envisioned.

I was grateful to stay home with the boys and I dutifully kept the house clean, fridge stocked and meals prepared. I even kept the husband satisfied.

But I worried so much about the stereotypical roles that my sons were witnessing. When Trump was elected and all those women marched in the streets, I just felt such distress and ambivalence for reasons way deeper than I’ll go into here.

I suppose I just was raised to equate value to financial contributions. Even though I was working my ass off every day at home, I wasn’t filling up our banking accounts and it made me feel worthless.

I am no longer the person I was when I wrote this. But I remember her. And she kicked fucking ass. I wish she had realized it then.

Thank you for reading and for your responses. I always appreciate when someone shares with me after they read my stuff. -Emme

I’m Emme, like the letter. Find me at www.emmebeckett.com or email at emmebeckett@gmail.com

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