Happy Birthday! I found TBI when I was brand new to Medium. It was mentioned in a list of publications accepting new writers. I submitted an article, it was accepted with no delay and I’ve felt safe here ever since.

The homepage on Medium is plastered with writing advice and life tips. On TBI, however, it’s a deviation from the norm. I never know what I’m going to read when I visit here, but I always get sucked in.

I love the different writing styles and perspectives. I love hearing from you all the time. It’s a reminder that this is a community and that its leader cares about making us feel supported.

This might sound embarrassing, but I was confused by the headers on the mainpage like #ideastream, #change, #express. I thought I was missing something. But then I realized they are just how you categorize our pieces.

It must have been the hashtags that were throwing me off. I sound like a grandma.

I’m Emme, like the letter. Find me at www.emmebeckett.com or email at emmebeckett@gmail.com

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