Hi Elle-

Thank you for your response to my story. Yes, you are completely right. There were certainly deeper issues going on through my storytelling.

In fact, that piece was written three years ago right in the midst of all those women’s marches and societal movements. I never finished it. I found it in a draft file on my computer yesterday and cleaned it up for submission.

When it was written, I was dealing with major identity issues as a woman. My husband is wonderful, but he has old-fashioned expectations and I used to constantly struggle with how my boys were viewing the role of a wife/mother/woman.

I used to equate self-worth with contributing financially to our family. I was raised by a single mom and I contributed as soon as I was old enough to work.

You are completely right. Having a husband who can support a wife and kids on one income is an extreme privilege. It did make me feel entitled, and not enough. It just didn’t make me feel like myself.

I’m not quite the person who wrote that story anymore. But, I remember her. So I let her voice be heard.

Thank you for the read and for your thoughtful response.

I’m Emme, like the letter. Find me at www.emmebeckett.com or email at emmebeckett@gmail.com

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