Meaghan Ward I related to this so much. Nobody in my life knows I write as much as I do. I used to have a blog that everyone followed, including all my mother’s friends. Knowing that was my audience kept my writing restrained. And it got rather boring.

Since I’ve found Medium, I use a name that slightly deviates from my own. And man, Emme Beckett doesn’t give a shit about anything. I want to be her.

I have written one piece that has brought out the crazies. No dick pics though. But, I’ve gotten marriage proposals (even though it clearly indicates that I am married), confessions from men who have sexually assaulted women, emails from men who just want to talk.

It’s flattering but scary.

Anyway, great article, whoever you are. -Emme

I’m Emme, like the letter. Find me at or email at

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